Way too lazy


I just realised today that I haven’t put anything on this site for over two months. That’s inexcusable.

So much for my 31 days M500W challenge.

I have a few posts in the works so I’ll polish those and get at least another two on this site, pronto.

BTW – I managed to register 350words.com.au and 350words.com (there’s nothing on them yet). My thinking is that I’ll put up 350 words on any topic that interests me, or on things that I learn or discover that are worth sharing, and see what advertising and affiliate income I can generate. So it’s an experiment but it could be educational, fun and maybe even lucrative!

Thanks for reading.


Opportunity before loyalty


Today I learned that a friend had decided to leave her employer of four years to join a large franchisee in the same industry. ‘The offer’, she told me, ‘was just too good to refuse.’

I told her I understood, and I wished her success. She is one smart woman and her aspirations are beyond what she thought she could achieve in her current role. She will do well. She will end up at the sharp end of a career that’s bigger and brighter than she can imagine.

But her move bugs me. And it bugs her too. She was in tears when she told me.

Money as a motivator

I’ve realised there’s dissonance in any career move where money is the motivator. You wouldn’t think so, given the economic benefits? If the rewards are big enough you can put up with anything, right? No. Wrong, in my experience.

Employment is an investment. The longer you hold it the better it pays, usually. Someone I worked with forty years ago stayed the distance with the same employer. He’s had worldwide work experience, respect from his peers and more money, by an order of magnitude, than me. I’m envious. He chose a good investment.

Lost opportunity

Every business started out as an idea. It didn’t become reality until someone made it happen. It’s incorrect thinking to believe that any role, even menial ones, can’t get bigger. Opportunity grows from within even though external circumstances may have created it. Truth is, people who make a business grow, or who take it in new directions previously unimagined by the owner, are valued and rewarded.

The emotional bank account

My friend joined her current employer in a low position. With encouragement and experience she grew her skills, qualifications and reputation to the point where she got noticed by the competition. Her move is like transferring assets from her emotional bank account to her physical bank account.

Is that a fair trade? Maybe, maybe not. I hope she’s chosen well.

Edit: She decided to stay. I’m proud to know her.

Thanks for reading.