A belated confession

I didn’t expect that writing for this blog would be so hard.

Words flow so easily when I’m creating a business document. Letters, proposals, business plans, reports, Board packages – they write themselves, almost. Perhaps it’s decades of the right words and document formats, the corporate mindset, the insider viewpoint. They get done in a flash, and they come out okay.

But when I write something unfamiliar, that blank page laughs at me. And the first draft (longhand, in my daybook) reads like shit.

I want to persist, though

And there’s a few reasons why.

  • Broadens my thinking. I don’t want to be that boring old fart in the corner who only talks one topic. Nope, that’s not in my future. The challenge of writing to a schedule about things I need to research, can only expand my world view.
  • Sharpens my thinking. I keep a journal and most days, I write anywhere from a half page to multiple pages. It’s basically a brain dump of whatever’s bugging me on the day, and the simple act of writing it down helps me work it through to the end.
  • Holds me accountable. Even if no-one reads this blog, the fact that my words are out there on the webz means I try extra hard not to write shit.
  • Improves my writing. Business writing doesn’t demand tight, crafted wordsmithing. It’s a worthwhile goal, though, and the yellow brick road to improvement in most things is paved with hours of practice and public accountability. A blog just like this one is a pretty good way to travel that road.

So that’s the idea of 350words.com as it exists now – on the surface, a blog about layering a new writing style over an older (but still useful) one.

Thanks for reading,

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash. This post is 306 words.

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