Scary love

This is week 159 of Sonya’s #3LineTales writing prompt. Enjoy!

Mikey capped the spray can and dropped it into his backpack. He was certain no-one had seen him but he hurried down the street just to be sure.

He liked what he had done. It was smaller than his usual work, but it looked good. He wanted it raw, unfinished, imperfect. He was an artist, not some junior tagger, and it was art. His art.

Maybe she would see it on her way to the office. Maybe she’d say something. Maybe he’d work up the courage to explain it. Love was scary.

Thanks for reading,

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash. The quoted text is 92 words.

Footnote: I completely missed that this came out on Valentine’s Day. My wife is not impressed.

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