Jeff’s coming home

Sue checks Jeff’s room once more. In the morning sun it sparkles with cleanliness, from his smallest toy to the spotless carpet.

No product, no problem

Over the weekend I signed up for Matt McWilliams’ affiliate marketing training programme, ‘No product, no problem’.

When in Rome

The man who intends to make his fortune in this ancient capital of the world must be a chameleon susceptible of reflecting all the colours of the atmosphere that surrounds him – a Proteus apt to assume every form, every shape.

M500W day 16, give hope

Last night I watched Roger Federer win the Australian Open, the first tennis major of the year.

The drink

The sun was low, and the vineyard on the next hill reminded him of the rough drink in the village tavern that soon, would again mask his inadequacy for a few hours.

The island

He trembled in the cold, emotions alternating between apprehension and excitement. Cheryl had already turned on the lights in expectation of his arrival.


The flag was a rough-made thing, the remnant of a pact he and John made as boys to visit every wild place that best friends could imagine.

Back then

When we were growing up, if there was any food worth eating, each of us snatched all we could off a single tin plate.

M500W day 15, evaluate

Jeff Goins’ ‘My 500 Words’ writing challenge was going to be easy, I thought. “Just thirty-one days, and I’ll have this done.”